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About CSGO Trading

CSGO Trading started with the Arms Deal update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensiv in August 2013. In the Arms Deal update, Valve added skins to CSGO which players could get by opening cases. Those skins could be traded with friends and other players over the Steam platform. Due to some skins being rarer and more desirable than other skins, skins started having a certain value. Therefore, it became common to trade many less expensive skins for some more expensive skins or the other way around. Players also started selling skins amongst each other or using the Steam Community Market to buy and sell CSGO skins.

How to use CSGO Trading Sites

What is the point of CSGO Trading?

CSGO players that trade their skins have certain goals in mind. Some active players just want to have good looking skins. So once their skins start to get boring, they trade them for other skins that they didn’t have yet. More professional CSGO Traders have other goals in mind. For example, some of them trade CSGO skins to make a living. They want to make profit and earn money by trading CSGO skins. If you trade a lot and you make good deals, you can expect around 1% to 2% profit per trade. Therefore, if you trade a $100 skin for example, you could expect to make $1 to $2 in profit. This might not sound like a lot, but it can add up once you trade a $100,000 inventory and you make 2% return every week, that’s around $8,250 in profit per month. This means that you are essentially making a full-time job wage for trading CSGO skins.

Who can trade CSGO skins?

Everyone that has a Steam account can trade CSGO skins. You don’t even need to have Steam or CSGO installed, you can simply log in to Steam in your browser. However, you need to have a smartphone to be able to confirm trades in the Steam mobile app. Steam 2-Factor-Authentication must be enabled to trade CSGO skins smoothly. Furthermore, it makes sense to have CSGO installed to be able to inspect the skins that you trade in the game.

Automated CSGO Trading Sites

Since you can make a lot of money with CSGO skins, there are now large companies that offer CSGO trading via websites. Those sites use a simple mechanism to make money: They let players trade their CSGO skins for other CSGO skins that the site has in their inventory. However, the skins of the players are usually valued at around 93% of their actual value and the skins of the website are valued at 100% of their value. As a result, the automated CSGO Trading Site makes around 7% profit per transaction, which is huge. There are rumors that these websites were making 7 figures a day in their prime. Well-known CSGO Trading Sites include CS.Money, trading CSGO skins or SkinsMonkey. You may ask yourself why anyone would use those sites, if that means losing money. The answer is simple: Some players want new skins fast and they don’t care if they lose a bit of money in the process. Automated CSGO Trading Sites are ideal for that purpose.

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