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Open CSGO cases on the best CSGO case opening sites and get a free bonus.

CSGO Case Opening Websites: How it works

Since the release of CSGO, players have been able to open cases to get skins. These skins are still tradable, which is why there are also external providers where players can unbox skins, so-called CSGO Case Opening Sites. CSGO Case Opening Sites offer players the opportunity to open virtual containers ("cases") that may contain cosmetic items for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO or CS:GO). These websites are a popular alternative to opening cases in the game itself, as they often offer better chances of finding rare and valuable items.

How it works:

On CSGO Case Opening Websites, players first purchase credits, which they can use to open cases. Once a case is opened, a random item from the case pool will be revealed. The probability of obtaining a particular item depends on its rarity. Players are less likely to unbox more expensive items. Before opening a case, players should check the odds of getting their desired items.

How to use CSGO Case Opening Sites - Visual Guide

Advantages and Disadvantages

When using external websites to open CSGO Cases, there are some advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making your decision. Generally speaking, the best way to avoid getting scammed is opening cases in the game CSGO instead of external websites. However, you will lose a lot of money doing that. And there are some advantages that opening cases on CSGO Case Opening Sites can bring.

Advantages of CSGO Case Opening Sites

Disdvantages of CSGO Case Opening Sites

Overview of CSGO Case Opening Sites

In the following text we want to give you an overview of all CSGO Case Opening websites, with a short description of each page. Depending on what kind of site you are looking for, some will meet your requirements and others won't.


One of the oldest CSGO Gambling Sites recently added Case Opening as a new game mode. Previously, CSGOEmpire only offered Roulette, Match Betting and Coinflip. However, the site always had a bonus case feature. For every level up on the site, you received case keys which allowed you to open cases. Now you can do this without having to level up first and furthermore, the selection and variety of cases is larger now. CSGOEmpire prides itself on being provably fair and having one of the largest selections of CSGO skins that players can withdraw in exchange for their coins.


CSGORoll is one of the oldest CSGO websites. When the site was reopened a few years ago, one of the new game modes added was Case Opening. There are a bunch of different cases that you can open on CSGORoll, including 50/50 cases, 10% cases, knife cases and many more. The house edge depends on the case you open. However, it seems to be relatively low for a CSGO Case Opening Site. Many competitors like Hellcase or Farmskins have a way higher house edge, which is bad for the user. In addition to regular Case Opening, users can also play Case Battles against others. The idea behind Case Battles is simple: whoever gets the most valuable skins wins the game and with it all their opponent's skins.


CSGOLuck is a brand-new CSGO Gambling Site that also offers Case Opening. Players can choose their favorite case out of their huge variety. There are over 200 different cases that players can open on CSGOLuck. The cheapest case starts at just 0.24 coins, the most expensive case costs over 2100 coins. Moreover, Case Opening on CSGOLuck is provably fair and the website is licensed to offer games of chance by Gaming Curacao. Sadly, players can’t see the odds for the individual skins beforehand, which is disappointing.


CSGOFast is one of the oldest CSGO Gambling Sites. Recently, they added Case Opening as one of their new game modes. The selection of boxes is very good, and you can also see the probabilities of the individual skins. However, there are only cases between 0.20 and 200 coins, expensive cases that contain very rare CSGO skins are still missing. We really like the animation when opening the box and you can also do a demo spin beforehand. You also have a large selection of CSGO skins on CSGOFast if you want to cash out. In addition to CSGO skins, you can also have your winnings paid out in the form of cryptocurrencies or in US dollars via the payment provider Skrill. We didn’t like CSGOFast at first, but we think their CSGO Case Opening game has improved the site a lot and now it is a decent Gambling site.

Another new CSGO Gambling Site that started as a Case Opening Site is The site is provably fair and offers CSGO skins for instant withdrawals. Furthermore, you can use our promo code “CSGOHOWL” to get a 10% bonus on your first deposit. is a very cool website where players can open many CSGO cases, but they can also take part in so called Case Battles, which is the PvP version of Case Opening. Basically, players open cases against each other and whoever draws the more expensive CSGO skins at the end wins the game and gets all skins, their own skins and those of their opponent. This game mode can lead to huge wins, but you can also lose everything. We suggest you only play this risky game if you can afford to lose. Otherwise, just stick to opening cases.


Hellcase is one of the oldest CSGO Case Opening Sites out there. Furthermore, it is one of the only sites that is purely focused on Case Opening. Therefore, the site does not have a license to offer games of chance and it also doesn’t offer popular games like Roulette, Crash or Jackpot. However, due to the very high house edge of Hellcase, we usually suggest players to not use this site. Other Case Opening Sites offer way better odds, have more skins to withdraw and are more transparent. Furthermore, Hellcase isn’t provably fair.


Farmskins is one of the least transparent CSGO Case Opening Sites. You can’t see the odds of the individual items in a case and the site also doesn’t have a Provably Fair system. Therefore, we can’t exactly say how high the house edge of certain Farmskins cases really is. As a result, we think that the house edge is incredibly high and suggest you don’t play on this site. For the sake of completeness, we list them here anyway. The best alternative to Farmskins is CSGOEmpire which is very transparent, provably fair and offers an amazing variety of skins to choose from.


OPCASES is a brand-new CSGO Case Opening Site. It has some amazing features. Most importantly, the website shows the odds of every skin you can get out of the case you want to open. Additionally, it is provably fair and uses the well-known website for its Provably Fair system. Users can play three different games on OPCASES: Case Opening, Case Battles and Upgrade. Players can withdraw CSGO skins after opening a case. There are many deposit options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and CSGO skins.


Key-Drop is a relatively new CSGO Case Opening website and we don't particularly like it. The site is provably fair and shows the odds for the individual skins in a case, but the design seems very untidy and confusing. The website is also available in many different languages, but it appears that an automatic translator was used here because most translations don’t make any sense. However, we have to say that it is incredibly easy to deposit on Key-Drop. You can deposit via cryptocurrency, credit cards, CSGO skins and a selection of trusted payment providers like Klarna, Skrill, Trustly, PayPal and many more. You also get a 10% bonus on your deposit when using our promo code “CSGOCROCO”.

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