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Best CSGO Gambling Sites for 2024

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The ultimate overview of all CSGO Gambling Sites

Since skins have been tradable in CSGO, there have been CSGO gambling websites. It all started in 2015 with the game Jackpot, the most popular gambling site at the time was But the scene quickly developed and when CSGOEmpire, CSGO500, CSGORoll and Gamdom finally launched other game modes such as Roulette, Crash, Coinflip and Wheel, CSGO gambling became unstoppable. The pages grew and grew and within a few months had several million visitors. We would like to give you an overview of all the sites that are still online and trustworthy today, so you don’t get scammed.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites


CSGOEmpire was one of the first CSGO gambling sites ever. In the beginning, players could only play one game mode, which was a very simple version of roulette that only had three options. Based on CSGO, the options CT, T and Dice were offered instead of red, black and green. What has always distinguished CSGOEmpire and still stands out today is that you can pay out CSGO skins immediately. Additionally, players could always rely on CSGOEmpire to be provably fair and not to manipulate bets. This trustworthiness was further strengthened when CSGOEmpire became one of the first CSGO gambling websites to obtain a gambling license. The gambling license on the Caribbean Island of Curacao may not be the most trustworthy, but it is still a thousand times better than having no license at all.


CSGO500, now known as 500.Casino, started in 2015, shortly after CSGOEmpire. The unique thing about CSGO500 was the new game mode: Wheel of Fortune. In this game, gamblers can bet on one of 4 colors: black, red, blue, and gold. In this order the payout increases from x2 (black) to x3 and x5 up to x50 (gold). The wheel spins every second and if it hits your color, you win. If it doesn’t you lose. Of course, players can bet on multiple colors to increase their chance to win. Besides Wheel of Fortune, there are many other games at CSGO500 including Roulette, Slots, Dice, Crash, Plinko, and many more. Overall, we would estimate that CSGO500 is the CSGO gambling site with the most game modes. Furthermore, CSGO500 also has a Curacao gambling license and is therefore allowed to legally offer online gambling in many countries around the world.


CSGORoll was one of the first CSGO gambling sites as well. After the website was no longer around for quite a while, it has now been online again for a few years and is very popular. The gambling site is particularly known for the Roulette and Crash game modes. CSGORoll also allows you to choose from numerous different skins if you want to withdraw. Since CSGORoll does not offer real money payouts, it is not a casino from a legal perspective and therefore does not need a gambling license (according to them). However, this tactic is not entirely without controversy and has already been criticized several times by other websites, including CSGOEmpire in particular.


CSGOPolygon, now also known as PLG.BET, was one of the first CSGO gambling sites. It used to have only one game mode, Roulette. Nowadays, CSGOPolygon offers a variety of games, including a full online casino where you can play games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Monopoly, Sweet Bonanza and many other live games and slot machines.


Even though it is one of the newest CSGO gambling sites, CSGOLuck has been growing very fast. On this website, players can choose between many cool games. You can play Case Battles, Case Opening, Crash, Coinflip, Wheel, Jackpot, Slots, Towers, and Mines. Furthermore, everyone that gambles on CSGOLuck takes part in a competition. Every player can win daily, weekly and/or monthly prizes when getting to the top of the leaderboard. To get to the top of this leaderboard you must have the most wagers on CSGOLuck in the time frame (daily, weekly, or monthly).

The History of CSGO Gambling

After the Arms Deal Update for CSGO was released in August 2013, the development of the first CSGO gambling sites began. The Arms Deal Update was the update that brought skins to CSGO. The first CSGO gambling sites had only one game mode, jackpot. CSGO Jackpot works like this: Players deposit their skins and get raffle tickets in return. The more valuable the deposited skins are, the more raffle tickets you get. Then a random ticket is chosen, whoever has that ticket wins all the skins in the pot. Later on other game modes such as roulette, crash, dice and many more were developed. Sites like CSGORoll, CSGOEmpire, CSGO500 and Gamdom launched and quickly became the most popular CSGO gambling sites. Many of these popular gambling websites are still online today.

CSGOJackpot and CSGOLounge and were the first major CSGO gambling sites. While CSGOJackpot offered the very popular Jackpot game, CSGOLounge gave players the option to bet their skins on the outcome of professional CSGO matches. If you picked the right winner, you would get better and more expensive CSGO skins. Because it was so easy to win better skins on CSGOLounge, CSGOLounge was extremely popular amongst almost all CSGO players. However, CSGOLounge had to shut down later due to various scandals and because Valve started banning their bots. CSGOLounge used those bots to store the skins, their whole business depended on it. After Valve kept banning bots, CSGOLounge had to shut down. CSGOJackpot also had to face the same problem and is offline since over 5 years now.

However, CSGOLounge has recently launched again, but is now using a different approach. You can't bet CSGO skins directly anymore, but you can deposit and withdraw Bitcoin, Tether and other crypto currencies. You can also deposit and withdraw skins, but you have to use third-party services like Skinpay which can be really annoying, and you will get bad prices for your skins. We suggest you don't use CSGOLounge anymore and use CSGOEmpire or CSGORoll instead, where you can deposit and withdraw CSGO skins without any additional fees or third-party services.

CSGO Jackpot - The Original CSGO Gambling Game

CSGO Gambling Scandals

After it became known that CSGO gambling sites are making a lot of money, the first scammers started developing websites for personal gain. They didn't care that legitimate CSGO gambling sites also bring in a lot of money, they wanted to get even more out of it by manipulating bets. These fraudulent websites had backdoors installed that allowed the site owner to see which bets were winning and which were losing. Some sites even had the option to automatically let their players lose if they placed high stakes. These scammers have damaged the image of the CSGO gambling industry. For many years, many CSGO players stayed away from all CSGO gambling sites as they had already lost skins to scammers. Here we list some of the most well-known CSGO gambling scandals and explain how you can quickly recognize such scammers in the future.

CSGOShuffle and Phantomlord

Phantomlord was known for doing crazy CSGO Case Openings and when CSGO gambling started to gain popularity on Twitch, Phantomlord instantly saw the opportunity to make money. He got tens of thousands of viewers watching him place insane bets live. However, what people didn't know back then, Phantomlord actually owned the site he was gambling on. He usually played on a site called CSGOShuffle, a huge CSGO Jackpot site. However, he never said that he owned the site. Some people assume that he made millions of dollars in CSGO skins just from the 5% cut that CSGOShuffle took from every pot. Phantomlord was banned by Twitch for operating CSGOShuffle. He filed a lawsuit against Twitch, claiming that they banned him without providing an explanation. After 3 years, Phantomlord won the case. However, Twitch filed a lawsuit against Phantomlord, claiming that he rigged Jackpots against other players to make him win more often.

Is is very likely that Phantomlord asked his developer for secret numbers to win whenever he wanted on CSGOShuffle. It already seemed obvious to many players since he had never publicly admitted that he owns a big part of CSGOShuffle. After chat logs got leaked later on where Phantomlord talks to the owner of CSGOShuffle and asks for percentages, skins and other stuff, it got even clearer that Phantomlord was doing some really shady stuff. The part where he asks for percentages is what most experts assume to be proof, that he rigged pots on CSGOShuffle. He knew what percentage would win, which gave him the ability to win whenever he wanted. This resulted in real players losing their skins, which is considered fraud. Well-known CSGO personalities like Richard Lewis have reported extensively on the Phantomlord CSGOShuffle scandal and shown these chat logs in their YouTube videos.

After the scandal, Phantomlords career was basically over, due to his Twitch ban. He still had his YouTube channel with 400k subscribers, but the last video there was uploaded back in 2016. He is also inactive on Twitter and other social media platforms.

CSGOLotto and TmarTn

TmarTn wasn't actually known for playing CSGO, he was more of a COD personality but he had a big audience for the time back then when shooters were way smaller than they are nowadays. As CSGO gambling became more popular, TmarTn started making CSGO Case Opening and CSGO gambling videos. One day, TmarTn released a video that included the phrase "And we found this new site called CSGOLotto". That statement makes it sound like TmarTn randomly found CSGOLotto online. However, the gambling website CSGOLotto was owned by TmarTn and another YouTuber called ProSyndicate. ProSyndicate now uploads Minecraft videos under the name Syndicate.

After their undisclosed ownership came to light, the company behind CSGOLotto faced multiple lawsuits. We don't know if those lawsuits resulted in punishment or if compensation to users had to be paid. According to many news sources the lawsuits didn't succeed and TmarTn and Syndicate didn't get punished for their actions. However, if TmarTn ever uploads any gambling videos without making clear that he owns the site he is playing on, he would face a fine. That is very unlikely to happen, because CSGOLotto has been offline since the scandal and TmarTn doesn't seem to show any interest in CSGO gambling anymore.

CSGOWild and Faze Clan

In 2015 a new CSGO gambling site launched under the name CSGOWild. The site quickly became very popular in the CSGO gambling community due to major YouTubers like FaZe Rain promoting the site. Some of Rain's CSGOWild videos have over 1 million views on YouTube. Also, YouTuber FaZe Adapt promoted CSGOWild, a video of him winning $60,000 in CSGO skins has over 4 million views. The problem with these videos is that both Rain and Adapt have not disclosed that they were paid for making those videos. To this day, it's not clear if they were paid or if they made these videos as a favor for their CEO, FaZe Banks, who owned the site according to news sources like and FaZe Banks used the money to acquire a professional CSGO team to play for his organization FaZe Clan.

The well-known YouTuber TDM_Heyzeus made a video about CSGOWild, which has over half a million views by now. The title of the video is "CSGOWild: The Biggest Scam in CS:GO History". In the video, he also shows a short part of the podcast where FaZe Banks says they used a CSGO skin gambling site to pay for their CSGO team. He also explains that after no longer being owned by Faze Clan, CSGOWild started using bots. These bots played coinflips against other normal players and won over 80% of their coinflips. A coinflip should have a 50/50 chance, so obviously this was rigged. Many players have lost a lot of money to this fraudulent scam.

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