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CSGO Crash is a casino game where you can place bets on a multiplier that keeps increasing. It starts at 1.00x and the longer you wait the higher it'll get. However, the multiplier can crash at any time and you don't know when, so if you don't cash out before it crashes you'll lose your coins. Sometimes, the round ends instantly at 1.00x, so you don't have a chance to click cash out and you lose your bet, so it's not a good strategy to cash out at 1.01x every time.

How to play CSGO Crash

To start playing CSGO Crash, you need to find a trusted website. Luckily, we provide you with a list of popular CSGO Crash websites that are safe & provably fair. After you have found a website where you want to play, you can deposit your CSGO skins or use other payment options like cryptocurrencies, PayPal & more. Then, you need to select the Crash mode and wait until the current round ends. Now you have a short time frame to place a bet. Usually, you can enter a number for your auto cash out, so if you want to cash out at 2x for example, it automatically does that for you. If you do it manually, you can cash out as long the multiplier is going up. But be aware that the round can crash at any time so if you don't cash out in time, you will lose your bet. If you win some coins, you can head over to the withdraw section and either cash out CSGO skins or supported currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & more.

Insane CSGO Crash Wins

More often than you might expect, CSGO crash rounds go up to more than 100x. Players that stay in for a long time can win insane amounts. However, everyone with high stakes usually cashes out earlier and even the small stake players often don't dare to wait that long.

How it all started

The first website which started the CSGO Crash hype was in 2016. At this time, other CSGO modes like Jackpot and Roulette were more popular so it was very refreshing seeing a new game with a lot of potential in terms of multiplying your money. Playing CSGO Crash feels more intense because you can decide when you want to go out and you never know when a round crashes. After lots of hype, other CSGO gambling sites started to implement their own CSGO Crash games with only optical differences, so the game itself is still the always the same.

How to find a trusted site

Finding trusted sites for CSGO Crash can be very difficult because you never know how safe a website really is. Non probably fair casinos can be rigged or small websites without a trusted company behind it can shut down and steal your money. To help with that, we created to show you the best CSGO casinos where you can play safely. Also, comparing house edges or even long-term statistics are good to know for increasing your profits. For most sites, we can provide bonus codes that are good for you.

Provably fair

All websites we link here are provably fair, which means that they can't manipulate the results and it's even possible to verify the results. We highly recommend checking the provably fair page of each site you consider playing. In the case of CSGO Crash, there usually is a randomly generated hash mixed with a secret hash revealed after every round.

Gambling laws and regulations

Determine whether CSGO gambling is considered a casino and if it's allowed or not is highly dependent on your country/location. Some countries have strict restrictions regarding online gambling so we suggest you check your local laws before you start playing on a site. Also, if you have any problems with a gambling addiction, you can get help either on the internet or at local hotlines. Never play with money you can't afford to lose and instantly stop playing when you get emotional. Odds are usually in the casino's favor and round outcomes are always random and not predictable. We support only websites that are fair and they also need to have a legal company with a gambling license behind them. These companies often have licenses from Curaçao, Malta, and other countries which regulate them. You should check if your country accepts CSGO gambling from the site you consider playing on.

CSGO Crash gambling strategies

Especially at CSGO Crash, there are different approaches of people to make money. Some like to bet high and go out early and some are sniping for a high multiplier. Also, some people play using some strategies like Martingale to constantly make profit. But don't forget, there isn't a 100% always win strategy so you can always lose your entire deposit.

Martingale strategy

A common strategy is to play always for 2x with a small base bet. If you lose, you double up your last bet so if you win now, you always make a profit as high as your base bet was. This can work for a while, but when you lose too many multiple times in a row, you can go out of balance so you lost all then.

High multiplier hunt

On many CSGO Crash sites, the Crash multiplier can go higher than 50x, so if you play a few rounds with a low bet, you try to snipe a high multiplier to make some insane profit.

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