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CSGO Trade Bots explained

CSGO Trade Bots are easy-to-use websites for trading CS:GO skins. You can choose any skin that you would like to have from big sites like cs.money. To be able to get the skin, you have to trade them skins that are worth around the same. The trade bot sites make money by taking a small commission/fee. So if you want to get a 100$ knife, you would have to give them 110$ value in skins. For most trade bots you can also pay with real money, to get your favourite skins.

You should always check first, if your skins are priced right and their skins are priced right. Some CS:GO Trade Bots use weird prices to take a hidden commission. If you want to be sure, use trusted sites like tradeit and cs.money.

Good and bad things about CSGO Trade Bots

If you want a special skin, you should check out Trade Bot Sites, to see if any Trade Bot has the skin that you are looking for in its inventory. Trade Bots offer really rare skins, especially on cs.money you can find some super rare skins. The problem with cs.money and any CSGO Trade Bot in general is, that those sites take a high fee, that is how they make profit.